Alzheimer’s patient crashes vehicle into Peachtree Professional Center in Foley


FOLEY - On the evening of Tuesday, Nov. 12, an Alzheimer’s patient who had been reported missing by his family drove a vehicle into the Peachtree Professional Center off of Highway 59 in Foley.

The patient’s family had reported him missing earlier that evening, telling the Foley Police Department he had taken a car he was not supposed to drive. The family also reported a gun missing from the home, which they believed the man had taken as well.

A Foley officer spotted the car and began following behind with no lights flashing. The man spotted the officer pursuing him, when he took off through the intersection. The officer switched on his lights and attempted to stop the man. The man then swerved off the road and crashed into the building. The building was vacant at the time, and there are no known injuries. The man was coherent at the scene and talked with officers. He was given medical attention at the scene.

Emergency personnel inspected the building the night of the incident to ensure safety, and crews began work the following morning to repair damages.