Kim Koniar sworn in as mayor of Magnolia Springs

Photo by Jessica Vaughn

MAGNOLIA SPRINGS - At the Oct. Magnolia Springs council meeting, councilmember Kim Koniar was voted into the position of town mayor. The nomination was unanimous among all councilmembers. Koniar recently joined the council in June after previous councilmember Dotty Johnson stepped down from seat one. Koniar was sworn in at the meeting by Judge Tim Russell beside her father-in-law Foley Mayor John Koniar.

“What a distinct pleasure I have,” Russell said. “I may be wrong, but I don’t believe in the history of the county we’ve ever had two mayors, one a father-in-law and the other a daughter-in-law; I don’t think this has ever happened before.”

The vacant mayor position occurred earlier in the month when Bob Holk announced his resignation from the position, stating it was “the right time.” He requested his resignation be accepted immediately. Holk served on the council in some fashion for 13 years prior to his resignation.

“Bob served for the entire history of this village, he was here at the beginning,” said Mayor Pro Tem Ben Dykema. “He was here during the formative years when the heavy lifting was done, then in the early years when they had to work on planning, zoning, town ordinances, the organization of the town and so much more; all we’re doing now is steering the ship. This position is a public service, and I for one appreciate all that Bob Holk has done in this 13-years. This job is not about money, it’s not about your ego, it’s not about personal gain, and we should appreciate and thank anyone who is willing to serve.”

With Koniar’s new appointment as mayor, seat one has a vacancy on the council. The council is asking anyone who is interested in serving to submit letters of interest to Jenny White, Town Clerk/Treasurer, at or by regular mail to the Town of Magnolia Springs, PO Box 890, Magnolia Springs, AL 36555. Those interested must be a registered voter and a resident within the Town of Magnolia Springs town limits. Letters will be accepted up until Tue., Nov. 19 at 5 p.m., and the appointment of the position will be made during the Nov. council meeting that same day.

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