Ready to travel the world and be on TV - at the same time?

‘The Amazing Race’ is looking for new stars at OWA


FOLEY - Ever dream of traveling the world, visiting exotic places, and meeting new people? How about being a TV star, showing your talents to the world? Would you like to do both at the same time? Now you can, because ‘The Amazing Race’ is holding casting calls at OWA on Sat., Oct. 26 from 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.!

The hit show from WKRG5, a CBS affiliate, will be hosting auditions for those who are interested in being on the ten-time Emmy Award-winning show.

“With 30 seasons and still more to come, ‘The Amazing Race’ stands as an iconic reality series,” said Kristin Hellmich, OWA’s Director of Marketing/PR. “We are more than happy to partner with our local CBS station to bring an open Casting Call to the amazing Gulf Coast. We encourage anyone and everyone to try their luck at becoming the next winner of the show’s $1 million here at OWA.”

For those who are thinking about trying their luck and showcasing their talents, here are a few things to keep in mind. It’s encouraged to audition in teams of two, as the show follows duos on a race across the world, following clues and hints about their next destination. Solo applications will also be accepted. Applicants must bring a valid ID to the casting call, and must be 19 years or older to audition. Auditions will last approximately two minutes each.

Don’t want to wait in the audition line? Then you can enter to win one of the first five time slots at! The winning applicants get the chance to make their first impressions before the line begins moving. Winners will be chosen at random on Fri., Oct. 18. For those who will be auditioning with a teammate, it’s encouraged that both members of the party enter to win one of the first five spots, doubling the team’s chances. The contest is open to the public at You can also find the rules, regulations, and FAQs on the page.

If you’re interested and think you have what it takes to win the Amazing Race, go to OWA’s website and enter for one of the first slots! And don’t miss your chance, head to OWA (1501 South OWA Boulevard, Foley) on Oct. 26 to show the world what you’ve got! Check out to see all the other amazing things happening at the destination, from the Fall Festival, the Town of Terror, The Park, Legends in Concert, and more!