August declared Pride in Our Schools Month


On Monday, July 16, Foley Mayor John Koniar officially proclaimed August to be Pride in Our Schools Month. The idea was first brought before the council back in May by Reed, who headed the team at Foley High who dedicated their time to figuring out ways to get kids to have pride in their schools. He worked along with the South Baldwin Chamber Foundation to create a new school way of life: 1Roar.

According to Reed, the first few weeks of school show low attendance as kids get out of the summer mindset and become focused on school work. With this declaration, Reed hopes to instill excitement and a readiness to step back into learning in our students.

Reed and his team have created the 1Roar to bring every school in Foley’s Feeder Pattern, Foley Elementary, Intermediate, Middle, and High, Magnolia School, and Swift School, together as one lion pride.

“Foley High School first used colors of navy and old gold and the Lion mascot to represent Foley High, and all Foley Feeder Pattern schools continue the tradition of Lion Pride,” read Koniar. “Accomplishments of students and employees provide daily evidence of the City of Foley’s motto, The Forward City, and the Foley Feeder Pattern motto, 1Roar.”

During August, residences and businesses are encouraged to decorate their homes and buildings in navy and gold, placing banners on the lawns, and changing signboards to reflect the upcoming school year and wishing the students and teachers a great year. Reed hopes that with communitywide involvement, students and teachers will be ready to return on the first day of school with pride. There will also be a community pep rally on August 11 at 10 a.m. during Lion Pride Day in Heritage Park.

“On behalf of the Foley Feeder Pattern, our principals and our students, thank you very much, mayor and council, for this proclamation and for your continuous support of our schools; it’s very appreciated,” said Reed.