Baldwin County scores 4 of the top 5 fastest growing cities in AL


During May 2017, the US Census Bureau released their 2016 population estimates, and Baldwin County had experienced significant growth. When compared against the 2010 population estimates, which was when the Census Bureau performed its last national census, the results reveal that Baldwin County now has four of the top five spots for fastest growing cities in Alabama. This is up from 2015, when Baldwin County had four cities in the top ten spots for the population growth estimates. In just one short year, Baldwin cities have continued to move upwards to claim all but the number two spot.

As of the most recent population estimate, Alabama’s top five fastest growing areas are as follows:

Fairhope has claimed the number one spot, with 26.72% increase since 2010, with an increase of population from 15,326 back in 2010 up to 19,421 today. This poses a unique challenge for the City of Fairhope, which is striving to maintain the charm offered by the city while also accommodating the newcomers who are looking to make Fairhope their home.

Foley has also had a significant increase, from 14,618 in 2010 to 17,607 in 2016, and a population that is ever-rising with the continuing growth and job opportunities being brought to the city.

Daphne has had a 20.45% growth, going from 21,570 in 2010 to 25,913 during 2016, as they continue to expand with new homes and businesses.

Gulf Shores, with its beautiful beaches and abundant entertainment, has had a 20% population increase, going from 9,741 in 2010 to 11,689 in 2016.

During the 2015 population estimates, both Foley and Gulf Shores were in the top five fastest growing areas, with Gulf Shores number 4 and Foley number 5. While Fairhope was in the top 10, Daphne is a newcomer to the list.

For anyone who has any doubts about Baldwin County rapidly becoming one of the top destinations in Alabama, not only to visit but also to live, all they need do is look at the numbers and just how quickly the cities are climbing the list. If the county continues to uphold a standard of new home additions, jobs, and entertainment, along with preserving the Southern charm found in the area, the population is on the road to rising further by the 2020 national census.