Bethel Baptist Church hosts a “Walk Through Bethlehem”


ROBERTSDALE, Alabama — Residents from throughout Baldwin and the surrounding area flocked to Bethel Baptist Church, located four miles east of Robertsdale on U.S. 90, and took a step back in time with the church’s annual “Walk Through Bethlehem.”

The drama follows the birth of Jesus Christ, finishing with the Rev. Harvey Earls sharing the story of his life, crucifixion on the cross and resurrection.

A shepherd guides the journey, which takes about 15 minutes walking through about 15 to 25 people at a time.

In the beginning, the shepherd guide leads the group to an area where he and his fellow shepherds are tending to their flocks when an angel appears, telling them of the birth of the Christ child in Bethlehem. Then a host of angels appears singing praises to God.

The shepherd guide then leads the group on a quest to find the Christ child, making several stops along the way to ask if anyone has seen him.

He talks to a merchant, a group of carpenters, an inn keeper and three women at a well before finally stopping at a mill where women are grinding corn. Here we learn that the Christ child is lying in a manger.

From there we find Mary and Joseph and the baby Jesus in the manger, watched over by an angel and surrounded by the Three Wise Men who have followed the star from the East which can be seen hanging in the background.

The vision of church members, the journey of “A Walk Through Bethlehem” began in 2003 and has been held every year but two since that time, closing for repairs and renovations of the replicated town of Bethlehem which sits on property behind the church.

Homemade cookies and drinks were served in the Christian Life Center at the end of the tour.

For more information contact the church at 251-947-5145 or visit