Bridge Toll


Pinnacho, YOUR NOSE IS GROWING. Guy Busby's story on Spanish Fort mayor and council opposing the bridge toll (july24) is a joke. We have the highest sales tax on the Eastern Shore, and maybe the state at 10.75%. We have the highest gas prices on the Eastern Shore.

They have given 100's of thousands of dollars to the high school for sports and subsidizing the coaches continues. They built a sports complex which I am not sure is in the city limits, that they want to annex.

The mayor and council seem to want to annex everything north to Bay Minette and east to Loxley. They are like the left wing Democrats. " let's tax more so we can give away more."

They want to add a property tax to give to the grammar and middle schools BUT THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT FOR.

For them them to worry about the traffic or the money spent on tolls does not seem honest.

We just had the state increase gas taxes, the federal government is planning a 15 cent gas tax increase and per an article in this week, fees for students are going up.

One council member stated that giving more money to the schools will make them better, will make MORE people want to move to Spanish Fort and they can annex more area. Seems diametrically opposite to their too much traffic statement.

People exit off I-10 now on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to avoid to Bayway and tunnels. People from out of town that travel I -10 have figured this out as well as locals. These same routes will still be free and anyone stuck on the Bayway for 4 hours would happily pay $6.00 to avoid that.

The mayor and council seem to want to be HOOVER jr. and think bigger is better. Bigger makes for more problems for crime and over working the infrastructure.


Eric Yance

Spanish Fort