County commission approves appointed employee projects


In a series of resolutions on Tuesday, the Baldwin County Commission approved contracts with seven appointed department heads and elected to begin the process to hire three new department heads - including a new county administrator.

Ron Cink has served the county in dual roles as county administrator and budget director since late 2014, but at a work session earlier this month, Commissioners Jeb Ball and Joe Davis said they wanted to see Cink’s positions be split back into two separate jobs before they were willing to vote to advance the other department heads’ contracts.

“There is too much going on, and as good as Ron is, we need two people in those slots,” Davis said. “To make it a permanent arrangement wasn’t fair to him and it wasn’t fair to our citizens in terms of getting things done.”

Following a lengthy discussion, the commissioners agreed on a plan that would move Cink back into the budget director role and give that job responsibilities and authority as a potential assistant county administrator. Cink would serve as acting county administrator until the position can be filled by a permanent candidate.

Cink’s new salary for the modified position would be $121,500.

The commissioners also approved raises for the following appointed positions:

- A $154,000 per year salary for County Engineer Joey Nunnally

- A $120,000 per year salary for Communication and Information Systems Director Brian Peacock

- A $120,000 per year salary for Clerk/Treasurer Kim Creech

- A $90,000 per year salary for Juvenile Detention Center Director Ron Ballard

- A $109,000 per year salary for Building Official Mike Howell

- A $112,000 per year salary for Solid Waste Director Terri Graham

The commission also voted to start the process for posting job positions for EMA Director and Personnel Director. Those positions are currently held by Interim Directors Jessie Peacock and Deidra Hanak, respectively.

The positions for county administrator, EMA director and personnel director will be posted for three weeks.