County commission terminates contract for clerk/treasurer


In an unanimous vote, the Baldwin County Commission voted Tuesday to terminate the contract of Baldwin County Clerk/Treasurer Kim Creech.

Creech had served as clerk/treasurer since 2010. Before that, she served as chief accountant for the county for four years starting in 2006.

During the commission’s April 9 work session, Commissioner Jeb Ball said he would like to bring the discussion of Creech’s contract up for a vote during the April 16 meeting.

“I want to talk about the contract for the clerk/treasurer to see if we were ready to travel in a new direction,” Ball said. “It’s just a possible change of the job. I’d like to see us move forward with putting it on the agenda and bringing it to a vote to see where we stood.”

At the April 16 meeting, Commission Chairman Skip Gruber thanked Creech for her years of service.

“I just would like to thank Kim for all of the hard work that she has given this county through the years,” Gruber said. “There have been several letters of support that show how much the public appreciated what she’s done for this county. She has been an asset and was always there to answer questions any time someone needed her.”

Creech said she was thankful for the opportunity to work for the county.

The commission appointed Donna Bryars to serve as interim clerk/treasurer at a salary of $105,000 until such time as a new clerk/treasurer can be appointed.

Bryars has served as senior accountant for the county since 2007.