Daphne mayor addresses issues with Daphne Utilities


Last week during the Daphne City Council meeting, Mayor Dane Haygood took time during the mayoral comments option of the meeting to discuss his stance on some of the issues facing Daphne Utilities regarding allegations made by Mobile Baykeepers.

Haygood stressed the separation between the city and Daphne Utilities in his comments.

“I don’t believe the average person understands the distinction between Daphne Utilities and the City of Daphne,” Haygood said. “Some of the public relations response to these issues have an implication back to the City of Daphne, though. Whether or not they’re under direct management of the city, there is a reflection on the City of Daphne with these actions.”

Haygood cautioned the council on future board appointments to the Daphne Utilities board.

“I would encourage us to take a look at the bylaws and the way that was formed,” Haygood said. “We want to make sure we’re careful and deliberate in board appointments.”

Haygood and Councilman Robin LeJeune are voting members of the five-member Daphne Utilities board. Haygood said both he and LeJeune had voted for the utility to undertake an additional investigation into the allegations made by Baykeepers.

“I think the allegations are certainly concerning,” Haygood said. “As a board, I’m not sure the response has been correct. I hope these issues get behind Daphne Utilities for the sake of the utility board and the city as a whole.”