Fairies come out to play at Copper Kettle Tea Bar


Fairies were spotted at the Copper Kettle Tea Bar on Friday, June 29, when they came out to play and attend the Midsummer’s Night Dream Tea. The tea featured many Shakespearean events, including an abridged version of the play for which the tea was inspired, with help from the audience to provide the actors. Chelsea Sims and Sarah Schrader provided enchanting tunes on the violin, while strolling musicians Dillion Broxsen and Josi Coleman delighted the crowd. Puck wandered through the gathering fairies, causing mischief, tricks, and smiles wherever he went. Of course, plenty of delectable teas and scrumptious desserts were served in honor of the fae folk visitors, from Mid-Summer Night’s Dream Tea, Titania Queen of the Berries Iced Tea, Oberon’s Ice Wine, and more.

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