Foley Rotary Club honoring the “service above self” ideals to help the community


Foley Rotary Club may have suspended regular club meetings, but they continue their commitment to “service about self” through an initiative to help the local community.

The club has a group of volunteers ready to help local senior citizens, those with compromised immune systems and anyone at a high risk of danger from catching COVID-19. Low risk volunteers will come by and pick up your grocery list, shop or pick up critical items and deliver them to your doorstep.

Lindsey Holmes, satellite club chairperson, said, “this initiative came from stories of people going without food and medicine in other countries during their quarantine.”

The club also has an old fashion telephone tree. If you do not live locally but have an at-risk family member in the area or know someone that lives on their own, contact the club and have them added to the list. Volunteers call every few days to check in, make sure everything is OK and have a conversation.

“The phone tree has been nice because I am at home self-quarantined. I look forward to checking in with folks on my phone tree list. I try to talk about anything other than COVID-19,” Holmes said.

If you live in the Foley area and are a senior citizen, have a compromised immune system or are at a high risk of danger from catching COVID-19 and need a little help with getting needed groceries or would like to be added to the phone tree call or text Lindsey Holmes at (251) 233-6278.