KKK activity concerns Silverhill residents


SILVERHILL — Fliers and business cards from Ku Klux Klan groups have raised concerns from residents in Silverhill.

Silverhill Police Chief Michael Taylor said the fliers, along with business cards from a group called the Church of the American Christian Knights, have begun showing up at local businesses around town.

The flier, basically a recruitment poster, includes the words “Neighborhood Watch!!!” and “The KKK Wants You” and says that “The law abiding citizens of your community can sleep in peace knowing that the Klan is awake!”

The flier also includes a Mississippi-based phone number and a website. The same number and website appears on cards being distributed with the message “Join Us Today.”

Other business cards are being distributed from a group called the Loyal White Knights, Alabama Realm of the Ku Klux Klan. Using the slogan “Not For Self, But For Others,” the cards include a North Carolina address and phone number along with a website.

Taylor said both websites and phone numbers do not appear to be fake and while the groups’ actions may be disturbing for some residents, the groups have not yet broken any laws.

“The fliers and business cards have all been distributed at and not on private residential property,” Taylor said, “and as long as they have not made any threats or acted violently in any way, they have not broken any laws.”

Anyone with information can contact the Silverhill Police Department at 251-945-5200.