Shameful treatment of immigrants


Thank you to syndicated columnist John Meredith* for his brilliant article on this administration’s shameful treatment of immigrants on our southern border. A member of the Republican Party, Mr. Meredith makes clear that this is not a matter of one party vs the other, nor is it a conservative vs a liberal issue; but an issue that requires us to line up our professed beliefs with our policy as a nation.

He takes a brave and fair minded position on this issue by exposing the hypocrisy of specifically those claiming to be Christian. I would hope that Mr. Meredith’s column would perhaps shame so-called “believers” into recognizing just how un-Christian is this inhumane policy.

I also hope that those of us who believe as does John Meredith and who recognize the privilege we enjoy as a free people.will add our voices to his.

If we cannot accept the responsibilities of making our attitudes, behaviors and policies consistent with our professed beliefs, we are not worthy of calling ourselves good Christians or good Jews or good Buddhists or good Muslims or any good at all.

We must renounce this heinous disregard by our elected representatives for those fleeing despots and despicable circumstances whom we have pledged to welcome and to protect.

Our country’s position on this issue is not just un-Christian, it is inhumane.

Thank you again to syndicated columnist John Meredith for making this clear.

As a liberal who tends to vote more in line with the Democratic Party but more importantly as a member of the Human Race, the one race to which we all belong, I admire Mr. Meredith’s courage.

I am Sincerely,

Cynthia “Maggie” Mosteller


*John Meredith is the son of Civil Rights Activist and Pioneer James Meredith, the first African American to be admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi, "Old Miss" in 1962. With a degree in political science, James Meredith graduated from "Old Miss" in 1963 and later graduated from Columbia Law School. In 1966, he started a 220 mile solo march from Memphis, TN to Jackson, MS to encourage voter registration among African Americans. After being shot and injured by a sniper, Meredith's march was continued and lead by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A group of 12,000 strong, including James Meredith who had rejoined the march after being released from the hospital, completed the 220 mile march into Jackson contributing to the tireless fight for Civil Rights which continues today. His son John Meredith's syndicated column on Immigration appeared in newspapers throughout the country on June 26, 2019.