Summer is here, it’s time to care for our children


Yesterday Baldwin County’s 45 school campuses opened their doors and released 32,000 students into the sweet arms of summer.

It’s time for our children to explore all the adventures that summertime in the south has to offer.

It is also time for adults to pay attention and lend a hand. We are all responsible for the safety of the children in our community.

Drivers, be aware of more bicycles heading onto the roads. Check for children in the crosswalks, especially in popular downtown areas during community events and festivals.

At the beach? Keep an eye out for the children enjoying the sand and water near you. It takes just seconds for a tiny head to bob beneath the waves. The more we all are vigilant the better.

Notice your surroundings. Do you see someone enticing a child into a car? Hurting a child? Bullying? Don’t walk away. If you see something that looks not quite right, report it. An 8-year-old in Texas was abducted while walking in Texas with her mother last week. She was rescued by two men who found the car police were searching for, and reported it. The girl was saved. Without the help of community members, she may have never been found.

Are you a local business in need of summer help? Hire one of the thousands of high school students who are ready to take on the challenge of their first real job. Guide them, mentor them and know that they rely on civic-minded community leaders to raise them into our future business leaders and teach them best practices while on the job.

The children of Baldwin County are an integral part of the fabric of our community. They are our hearts, our joy and our future. This summer, and all year long, do your part to protect them and give them a community where they are safe and well cared for.