Summerdale hosts 28th Annual Day of Prayer service


SUMMERDALE, Alabama — The town of Summerdale presented this year’s National theme “Love One Another” at its 28th Annual Day of Prayer service held Thursday, May 2 from the council chambers at Summerdale Town Hall.

The Rev. Michael Lynn, pastor of the Robertsdale Assembly of God Church, and Baldwin County Sheriff Hoss Mack both spoke on the theme and being able to love one another even when that person is hard to love.

“It is easy to love someone when you know and care for that person,” Lynn said. “But how do you love someone you don’t know or who does not show love toward you? God has provided us with the example that we should follow.”

As a law enforcement officer, Mack said the struggle to love others who don’t reciprocate that love has been a constant struggle throughout his career.

“How do you show love toward someone who spits in your face, slings feces at you, shoots at you or tells you what they are going to do to you or your family when they get out of prison?” he said. “I tell my officers to never forget that no matter who that person is, everyone has a mother and a father. Sometimes the best way to show love toward someone is to show love to the people that love them. I may not be able to personally go inside the jail and minister to an inmate. But when their mother, father, sister, brother or whatever comes to visit, I can minister to them by show kindness toward them.”

Mack pointed to something that Lynn had alluded to earlier when he said that you can’t take words back.

“I challenge everyone as they go from here to speak words of love and kindness toward others,” he said. “If you lift people up rather than tearing them down, blessings will come to you.”

Mayor David Wilson welcomed everyone to the service with a Pledge of Allegiance led by Sgt. Vince Miller. The Rev. Harvey Earls, pastor of Bethel Baptist Church in Robertsdale led the program in music. The program also included prayers administered by business and community leaders, including:

Prayer for the Family, Donna Armstrong; Prayer for the Church, Michael McGowin; Prayer for Education, Pam Taylor; Prayer for Business, Rebecca Shobe; Prayer for Government, Dennis Stastka; Prayer for Military and First Responders, Summerdale Police Chief Kevin Brock; and Prayer for Media, John Taylor.

Mark Ingram of Baldwin EMC introduced the prayers, guest speaker and presented the closing prayer.