The Dolphin Foundation for Education and Arts honors Gulf Shores teachers working toward National Accreditation


The Dolphin Foundation for Education and Arts presented the Gulf Shores City School superintendent Matt Akin a check for $85,000 to pay for Gulf Shores school teachers National Board Certification.

During the Feb. 20 Gulf Shores City School Board Meeting, teachers that are working toward their National Board Certifications were presented with plaques for their classroom doors. Over 30 Gulf Shores City School teachers are currently working toward their certifications.

The Dolphin Foundation launched the Adopt a Teacher Program to raise funds to pay for individual teachers to become National Board-Certified Teachers. The NBCT program is an intensive two-year program. Statistics prove that with certified teachers, students gain one to two months additional education each year. A student enjoying certified teachers through their K – 12 school experience could gain the equivalence of up to two more years of education.

When these teachers complete training, the Gulf Shores City Schools’ average will be over 30 percent. In addition, more teachers will have the opportunity to enroll in the program next year.