96-year-old celebrates winning streak at Baldwin County Fair


Margaret Mikkelsen Moore has quite the winning streak.

Her homemade cheese straws have won the blue ribbon at the Baldwin County Fair two years running.

And this year her sand pears brought home the top prize as well.

At 96-years-old the Summerdale native said her knee bothers her some but otherwise not much stops her from gardening and cooking for friends and family.

Moore said she began entering the fair on a whim after a friend decided she was going to enter some items. The pair headed to the fair and a champion was born.

Fair judges are not the only crowd delighted by her homemade cheese straws. Moore said they are a hit at community gatherings and church suppers as well. Whenever there is a potluck, Moore is sure to bring cheese straws along.

The sand pears were entered as raw fruit though Moore said her mother used to make pear butter and dumplings with the fruit, which is harder than other varieties. Competitors in the banana competition may need to up their game too. Moore has a banana tree with beautiful fruit to enter but this year, she said, the banana bunches were just a little too far out of her reach to pick.

Next year’s cheese straw blue ribbon hopefuls should beware. Moore and her mouth-watering delights will be back for a triple win.

“I just like to bake them and enter them,” she said. “It’s fun.”