Daphne Art Center delights summer camper


“Ooh! Are we going to make that?”

“That’s pretty!”

“Can we do different colors?”

The children participating in Daphne Art Center’s Summer Art Camp ask excited questions as they create and learn.

Emily Charest leads them through the process of learning one-point perspective.

As the kids learn how shapes form pictures, their creative minds think about the different ways to improve the artwork.

“Miss Emily, can I change the road into a waterway?

Can I put orange here instead of pink?

May I add a dock?

As their imagination soars, Emily tries to keep up with the hustle and bustle of their creativity. When class is over, the students marvel at the colorful, individualistic masterpieces they created.

Daphne Art Center offers week long summer art camps for ages seven and up. Students work two hours each day, Monday through Fridays. Each art teacher selects a theme for their art class.

Denise Bourgeois’s theme focuses on experimenting with different mediums, while Emily’s class ponders the question, “What does summer look like?”

The teachers said they enjoy watching the kids expand their horizons.

“These kids are so eager to learn,” Charest said. “I love watching them apply different techniques to explore their creative sides. It’s a blessing to teach them what I love.”

Students dig deeper into the artistic realm by learning how to properly use different materials, from colored pencils to acrylic paint. They paint brilliant sunsets, watercolor alligators, sparkling fish, geometric turtles, busy honeybees, and create their own masterpieces drawing from inspiration around them.

The Daphne Art Center offers classes for all ages throughout the year. For more information, visit their website: http://www.daphneartcenter.com or call at 251-586-8096.