Orange Beach mayor addresses boating and the islands


Amid the Coronavirus outbreak and as the city works to keep all citizens safe, Mayor Tony Kennon Friday morning wanted to assure the public that the city will be ramping up boating enforcement around the islands near Perdido Pass, if individuals choose to engage in that outdoor activity.

It’s important to understand that the waterways in the city are state owned. While the beaches abutting the Gulf are closed by an emergency state health order, state-owned boat launches remain open as well as the waterways, and boaters are enjoying the outdoors, as they are doing across the state. Bird Island is the largest sandy island closest to Perdido Pass bridge where most boats congregate and it is owned by the state. Next to it is Robinson Island, which is owned by the city, and has a lot less beach area for boats.

Following social-distancing guidelines issued by federal and state health officials as well as President Donald Trump and Gov. Kay Ivey, the city will:

•Enforce a 25-foot distance between boats

•Prohibit boats from tying together

•Prohibit groups greater than 10 from congregating together

•Use a common sense approach to keeping individuals 6 feet apart

City police and fire personnel have been assigned to patrol the islands and waterways during peak times with multiple vessels and jet skis. One to two officers will be on the islands themselves.

Please help us help you to be able to continue to enjoy outdoor activities around the city. Be safe and follow the guidelines.

Visit the City of Orange Beach Facebook page to watch the Facebook Live video.