Ahoy, Copper Kettle!


The Copper Kettle TeaBar celebrated their annual Under The Sea Tea on Friday, July 27, under the full blood moon. The tide was caught by the moon’s spell, and mermaids made their way to the shore as pirate ships docked, all drawn to the Kettle for the magical night. Those in attendance were treated with dinner, a dessert buffet, and “Tide Pools of Tea.” The moon brought out some of the finest local talent, including Katie Herndon, serenading guests with her violin; Janel Hawkins from Sand Castle University, teaching the art of sand castles to the land folk; Kara Kovalchick, the mastermind behind the Copper Kettle’s mermaid art; Captain Sch’mea-Gull and the Gulf Coast Pirates leading their fellow pirates and the visiting merfolk in music and mischief; Joseph the Pirate Magician, walking among guests and performing feats of enchantment; and Singing Siren of the Sea (known as Ariel fathom’s below), Melissa Joiner traveled to share her musical talents with her sea sisters and pirate mates. Filled with laughter, high sea hijinks, and fellowship, the visiting sea dwellers enjoyed a night of fun at the Copper Kettle.

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