Baldwin Humane Society holds its first annual SPRING ART CONTEST!


Students in grades K-12 submitted their art work for the “Be Kind to Animals” themed art contest. Over 100 entries were sent and the artwork was truly amazing. It’s clear to see our young people have a huge heart for animals. All of the winners are displayed at our adoption center and on our website at Thank you to all the students who participated.




High School

1st Place: Courtney Wolchina - Fairhope High School

2nd Place: Hannah Myers – Foley High School

3rd Place: Lillie Howell – Bayside Academy


Middle School

1st Place: Laura Callister - Daphne Middle

2nd Place: Susan Pittman – Bayside Academy

3rd  Place: Evelyn Craig – Daphne Middle



1st Place: Hailey June Smith - Daphne East Elementary

2nd Place: Maya Nugent – Fairhope Intermediate

3rd Place: Marley Demarest – South Baldwin Christian Academy


 Farm Animal:

1st Place: ZoeyLynn Marie Barnwell – Elberta Elementary

2nd Place: Laylah Therrell – Foley High School

3rd Place: Presley Putman – Bayside Academy



1st Place: Greta Leann Fritz – Fairhope High School

2nd Place: Genevieve Magli – Bayside Academy

3rd Place: Mariangel Zelaya – Foley High School



Honorable Mentions:


Bella Rae – Foley High School

Nicole Fisher – Foley High School

Katherine Mancia – Foley High School

Ainsley Alford – Daphne East

Arianna Elise Glass – Daphne East

Della Cotton – Daphne East

Charlotte Simonton – Daphne Middle

Shaun Thomas – Daphne Middle

Ashlynn Spivey – Perdido