Foley ROTC Cadets do the heavy lifting for the Friends of the Foley Library 2020 Book Sale


Once more the Foley ROTC Cadets, under the direction of and assisted by Darell R. Howard, MSA (Ret.) MA., performed hours of community service during the set up and take down of the huge Friends of the Foley Library Book Sale. This sale is a massive event offered each year by the Friends, and was held earlier in February at the Foley Civic Center. ROTC Cadets have volunteered their services for years. Some of the cadets are pictured above, all participating cadets are listed below.

The cadets spend hours for two days working tirelessly unpacking a truck full of books. After unloading boxes from the large truck and carrying them to the countless diverse category tables, cadets place the hundreds of books on multiple tables in the pattern best for viewing. Then at the end of the sale cadets pack up the unsold books into boxes and load them on the Waterfront Mission truck as donation items.

Throughout the year, boxes of donated books are placed in the library storage, collecting excess books that the library cannot store in their facility. The Friends of the Foley Library Book Sale is conducted to find new owners for these excess books, selling the books at very reasonable prices. The second day of the event offers the public an opportunity to fill a bag with as many books as will fit for only $5.

The sale is always a great success and provides financial support for special programs for the Foley Library. The many hours on both days, involving heavy lifting of unloading boxes, placing books, repacking unsold books, and reloading these boxes for Waterfront Mission by the cadets is much appreciated by the Friends of the Foley Library, who also assist with the sale. Hard working Book Sale Cadets are: Bode Brokowsky, Daxton Bushnell, Craig Kellebrew, Patrick Pate, Daniel Taylor, Ragan Williams, Andrew Abbott, Austin Courtright, Crysta Germany, Jessica Lewis-Kilgo, Brooke Majors, Jacob Miller, Christopher Wolff, Jade Abrams, Colton Bridges, Johnathon Kaiser, Arturo Vazquez, Logan Wilson, Joshua St. John, Tara Endsley, Christopher Gonzalez, Chancellor Wilson, and Kaiser Sloan.