Lack of cell service in Fairhope is dangerous


Dear Editor,

While the Council and Mayor bicker, cell service in Fairhope deteriorates and is a safety issue. Many of our neighborhoods do not have reliable cell service due to a lack of towers. I am very concerned about our ability to place emergency calls or contact family when needed. In our neighborhood, we are routinely told by cell carriers that our service is so weak and spotty because Fairhope refuses to give us the cell towers necessary to improve service. We are told to use WiFi to place our cell calls, but WiFi isn’t everywhere. For a city that touts itself as the quintessential town for living, working and visiting, the basic communication services are substandard and bordering on dangerous.

I wish you would investigate and do stories on this important issue.

Waiting for the 21st century in Fairhope,

Chris Bruenn