Magnolia Springs addressing town safety concerns


MAGNOLIA SPRINGS - Mayor Kim Koniar and councilmembers Steve Mobley and Andrew Monaghan will be addressing town safety policies and procedures as they update workplace guidelines. The update comes after Municipal Workers Compensation Fund (MWCF) employees spoke with Town Clerk Jenny White about current town policies and procedures.

“We don’t have things like AED in here,” said Koniar. “We really should have an exit in the council chamber for getting out in case of an emergency and we can’t go running to the front door. We don’t have employee training or vehicle training. There’s a lot of things concerning safety that need to be addressed.”

Currently, the Public Works Committee also addresses safety issues. Koniar is unsure if an entire Safety Committee is needed, but does want to see safety concerns addressed. The MWCF website contains in-house training videos and documentation to address safety issues in the workplace, which Magnolia Springs staff is looking into further.

“There’s a lot of procedures that need to be put in place that aren’t in place right now,” White said. “This year MWCF is wanting us to look at the 2020 Safe Place Work Guidelines, and with that they’re wanting us to implement drug and alcohol testing. They’re looking at medical protocol for workman’s comp injuries, which right now we do not have in place.”

White has reached out to local health industries and is working on getting a workman’s comp plan in place for the town, and is assisting Koniar moving forward with putting new safety initiatives in place.

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