Veterans memorial ceremony to pay tribute to Sterling, Langley


SILVERHILL, Alabama — Part of the ceremony to dedicate the new additions to Silverhill Veterans War Memorial, to be held at 2 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 11, will honor a pair of veterans who died over the past year.

“They won’t be here to represent themselves, so we thought it would be fitting to pay tribute to them during the ceremony,” said Frankie Kucera with the Silverhill Veterans Memorial Organization.

Both are founding members of the organization, Kucera said, the Rev. John Sterling, who served in the U.S. Navy, and James Earl “Jim” Langley, who served in the U.S. Army during the Berlin crisis.

During the ceremony, as with programs in the past, the organization will have a bell. The names of the two veterans will be read and the bell will be rung in their honor.

The ceremony will also include a guest speaker. Members of the Armed Forces Honor Guard, based in Fairhope, will present a 21-gun salute and a flag-folding demonstration. A reception will be held at town hall following the ceremony.

Three 4-foot by 8-foot stones with the names of more than 647 veterans from Silverhill and the surrounding areas were put in place Dec. 4 by Stan Vinson of Mack Funeral Home Monuments in Robertsdale and James McKinley of Parkway Enterprises of Perdido. Prep work for the site was done by employees of the Town of Silverhill.

The stones were placed surrounding the memorial, which was dedicated in March of 2017, located in Paul Anderson Park, across from Town Hall at the corner of Alabama 104 and County Road 55 in Silverhill.

The memorial includes the first name, last name and middle initials of veterans from Silverhill and the surrounding areas, along with branch of service. Purple Heart designations have been added where applicable.

While each stone holds about 240 names, the final stone is not full and any future names will be added to additional stones, Kucera said.

Each structure includes a different saying at the top of each side and the final structure includes the words “Dedicated to the men and women who have served in the United States Armed Forces” across the bottom. The final stone also includes a logo for the Silverhill Veterans Memorial Organization along with the words, “The Citizens of Silverhill thank you for your service,” on the back.

Following is a list of veterans, along with the banner inscription for each memorial (listed in alphabetical order):


William L. Ackis, USN (Navy); Jesse Adams, USAF (Air Force); Nathanial Adams, USAF; Phillip Adams, USA (Army); Bobby Agerton, USMC (Marine Corps); Arthur R. Ahlson, USAF; George Aldeen, USA; Rex Aldridge, USA; Roy Allen, USA; Russell Allen, USA; Tony Allen, USA; Alver O Anderberg, USA; C. Red Anderson, USN; Edward J. Anderson, USA; Trygve Anderson, USA; Brian Anderton, USN; James B. Archer, USAF; Alonzo Ard, USA; Richard Ard, USN; Burnley Ardoin, USA; Chayce Ardoin, USAF; Carl G. Ash, USA; Percy R. Badon, USMM (Merchant Marines); Lonnie J. Baggett, USMM; Wayne Bagwell, USA; Carl Bailey, USN; Ernie Baker, USAF; Eamel F. Bankester, USA; Marjorie Banks, WAC (Women’s Army Corps); Robert C. Banks Sr., USA, Jason Barnes, USMC; George P. Barry, USA; Ray Bartle, USAF; Charles B. Barton Jr., USAF; Eleanor G. Baughman, USN; Prentiss Baughman, USMC; Michael S. Bell, USA; Clifton E. Belt, USN; Erin Bensinger, USAF; Frank Bensinger, USA; Noah Bensinger, USA; Daniel Benton, USN; James Berlage, USA; James Beverly, USM; Ronell Biggs, USAF; Elmer Bishop Sr., USA; Louis Blackwell, USN; Harvey L. Blair, USA; William N. Blair, USA; Kenny Boltin, USN; Raymond H. Booker, USA; Barry Booth, USN/USMC; Rufus C. Booth, USAF; Houston Boutwell, USM; Cecil C. Bowman, USN; William E. Boykie, USA; Richard Boykin, USN; John L. Bozeman Sr., USA; Jim E. Bradford, USN; John Branscomb, USMC; William M. Branscomb, USA; John W. Brazzell, USA; Robert L. Brogdon, USA; John Brooks, USA; Kenneth Brooks Sr., USA; Alfred H. Brown, USN/USAF; Melvin L. Brown, USA; William E. Brown Sr., USA; Cecil Brumfield, USMC; Sam Brumfield, USA; Virgil L. Brumfield, USA; Michael G. Bryant, USM; Bradley Burke, USN; Brian Burke, USAF; Patrick H. Burke, USN; Sean Burke, USCG (Coast Guard); David Busby, USA; Leslie Bye, USN; Martin Bye, USN; James G. Byrd, USA; Ricky W. Byrd, USAF; Riley Byrd, USCG; C. Winston Byrd, USA; Charles R. Cain, USAF; Curtis A. Cain, USA; Ellis D. Cain, USA; Talmadge Cain, USA; Murley E. Calvert, USA; Novie H. Calvert, USM; Bennie L. Campbell, USA; James Cargill, USAF; Alver Carlson, USAF; Arthur C. Carlson, USA; Glenn A. Carlson, USAF; Edward Carroll, AAC (Army Air Corps); James H. Carter, USN; Edward Cassebaum, USA; Charles Cech, USN; Frank Cech, USN; Milton Cech, USA; Victor Cech, USN; George W. Chandler Sr., USA; Sidney L. Chandler, USN; Donald J. Channell, USA; Alvin Z. Chavers, USA; Steven A. Church, USM; Homer F. Clark, USM; Milton J. Cline, USN; William N. Cohron Jr., USA; Douglas Coker, USA; Billy J. Coley Jr., USA; Bill J. Coley Sr., USCG; Charles Collins, USN; Claude Collins, USMC; Jeremy F. Collins, USMC; Jeff Combs, USA; William E. Cooke, USN, Ted W. Cooper, USA; Noel C. Craig, USAF; Chris Cumbest, USA.


Donald R. Cumbest, USA; James G. Cumbie, USA; Jimmie D. Curry, USN; Leonard Curry, USA; Benjamin H. Curtis Jr., USN; Calvin C. Davis, USA; William C. Davis, USA; Donald Dearborn Sr., USN; George W. Dearborn, USN; Robert E. Dearborn, USMC; Richard F. Delaney, USA; Louis R. deLaunay, USN; Edward Denk, USN; Edward B. Dickinson, USA; James O Dickinson Jr., USN; James O. Dickinson Sr., USN; Steve C. Dickinson, USA; Chris Dilkes, USA; James F. Dixon Sr., USM; Ramon Donald, USA; William C. Dorsey, USA; Edward J. Doubrava, USA; Rudolph Doubrava, USN; Wayne Doubrava, USA; Charles Douglas, USA; Jared Douglas, USA; Sammie E. Douglas Jr., USN; John M. Duncan, USA; Joseph A. Dvorak Sr., USA; Joseph J. Dvorak, USA; Joseph R. Dykes, USA; William Eckman, USA; L. Conway Edhegard, USN; Paul N. Edhegard, USAF; Hendon Edwards, USMC; John Edwards, USMC; Lela Edwards, USA; Richard F. Englehart, USM; Roger E. Erickson, USA; Joseph H. Erlandson, USA; Forrest E. Estes, USA; Edward B. Evans, USN; Edward P. Evans, USA; James R. Evans, USAF; Marshall T. Everett, USA; Elvin Ewing Sr., USA; Hewdie L. Ewing, USA; Ray F. Farmer, USMC; Eugene E. Faulk, USN; Reuben W. Faulk, USA; Douglas W. Faust, USN; Joe Faust, USA; Marjorie P. Faust, USA; Tommy Faust, USA; Charles W. Fendley Sr., USA; B. Ray Ferguson, USA; James A. Ferguson, USN; Erik R. Ferrell, USN; Robert J. Ferrill, USA; John E. Fidler, USA; George Fontaine, USAF; Oscar Forland, USA; C.C. Peco Forsman, USN; Edward G. Forsman, USMC; Eric A. Forsman, USA; Henry D. Forsman, USA; James A. Forsman, USN; J.O.F. Ted Forsman, USA; Warren Forsman, USN; Harold C. Fosberg, USA; Marion Fosberg, Nurse Corps; Steve Fountain, USAF; Thomas D. Franklin, USMC; Joseph A. Frolik, USAF; Robert E. Frolik, USAF; John R. Fuller, USA; Thomas Galloway, USA; Joe R. Garris, USN; Frank Geiger, USN; Jack George, USA; Barry Giles, USA; Lamar Giles, USN; James Gilliland, USN; Michael T. Girard, USMC; Milton Glover, USA; James Golden, USMC; Wayne Golden, USAF; Stewart Godwin, USMC; Homer C. Gosnell Jr., USA; Aubrey E. Grant Sr., UDA; Darrell Grant, USA; Harold Grant, USA; Sonny Grant, USA; Hendrix T. Grantham, USN; Walter A. Gregg, USAF; Whaling S. Gregg, USAF; John R. Greggs Sr., USN; Quinn Griffin, USA; T.G. Guatney, USA; Everett M. Gudmundson, AAC; James Gudmundson, USA; Walter F. Gustafson, USA; John Lee Gwaltney, AAC; Robert A. Haden, USN; Zack Hadley, USMC; James M. Hall, USA; Carl R. Hallberg, USA; Eric Hallberg Jr., USA; Floyd A. Hallberg, USA; John Hallford, USN; Wendy E. Hamilton, USAF; Tony R. Hammac Sr., USA; Luke L. Hanak, USM; David Harkins, USAF; Clarence L. Harley, USAF; Ronald Harris, USN/NSA (National Security Agency); William R. Harrison, USA; Thomas R. Hartshorn, USA; Rolf O. Hauge, USN; Ivan Havel, USA.


Leonard C. Havel, AAC; Raymond C. Havel, USA; Wilbur E. Havel Sr., USA; Wilbur J. Havel, USA; William R. Havens, USMC; Jimmy E. Havranek, USMC; R.W. Hay, USA; Paul S. Hayes, USMC; Gordon R. Heathcoe, USA; Harold J. Heffley, USA; James Heidelberg, USA; Raymond Heidelberg, USA; Robert F. Heidelberg, USA; Stanley Heidelberg, USMC; Michael Heinze, USN; Talmadge C. Henderson, USM; Ronald L. Henry, USM; Leonard Henson, USM; Larry E Hewett, USN; Hubert Carl Hill, USA; Jimmie C. Hill, USA; Gaskey L. Hinote, USA; Walter S. Hinote, USA; Cody A. Hitchcock, USN; David L. Hitchcock, USN; Curtis Hobbs, USA; Terrence H. Hoff, USA; Richard A. Hoiles, USA; Walter W. Hoiles Jr., USA; Perry S. Holston Sr., USMC; Harry E. Honzik, USMC; Joe D. Hornbeak, USA; John C. Howard, USCG; Ronald E. Howell, USA; Weeks C. Hull, USN; Marvin J. Jacobson, USA; Harlan G. James, USAF; Harry V. James, USA; Troy V. James, USA; Clyde H. Jansen, USA; Thomas M. Jarrett, USA; David Jennings, USMC; Carl E. Johnson, USA; Clyde U. Johnson Jr., USAF; James C. Johnson, USN; Kelly Johnson, USA; Mose Johnson, USA; Robert F. Johnson Sr., USN; Roy B. Johnson, USN; Sam Johnson, USA; James G. Johnston, USN; Harold A. Jones, USAF; Jack W. Jones, USM; Jessie A. Jordan, USN; Mary A. Jordan, USM; Donald Joullian, USN; Philip Joullian, USA; Stanley Joy, USN; Ronald J. Kaiser, USAF; Alvin W. Kashew, USA; Michael J. Keane Jr., USN; Rueben D. Keenan, USA; Arch T. Keene, USAF; Keith Kennard, USAF; William Kennedy, USM; William S. Kirkby, USM; Ronald A. Knight, USMC; Albert T. Koptis, USM; Freddie Kostelecky, USA; Henry Kostelecky, USAF; John Kostelecky, USN; Donald I. Kral, USA; Joseph Kralik, USM; Stanley G. Krause, USA; Martin W. Krchak, USA; Rudolph J. Krhut, USA; Paul H. Kriesak, USA; Frank Kriss, USN; Robert A. Kriss, USA; Frank B. Krob, USAF; Jimmy Krob, USAF; Joey Krob, USAF; Joseph A. Krob, USAF; Kenneth G. Krob, USAF; Tyler B. Krob, USA; Frank A. Kucera, AAC; Frank J. Kucera, USA; George B. Kucera, USA; Robert A. Kucera, USA; Richard Kulicka, USA; Hubert L. Lacey, USA; Gayla LaCoste, USA; Marvin E. Lander, USN; George Landis, USN; Freddy J. Langenbach, USN; Frederick J. Langenbach, USN; Stanley M. Langer, USM; Jesse L. Langford, USA; Robert A. Langford Jr., USA; Harold W. Langley, USA; James E. Langley, USA; Norman M. Lassiter, USA; Donnie Lee, USN/USMC; Henry Legrone, USA; Joe Legrone, USAF; Charlie Lejsek, USA; Joseph Lejsek Jr., USA; Michael Lejsek, USA; Vincent P. Lewandowski, USCG; Edgar M. Lewis Jr., USA; Nickie Lewis, USA; Fred Lind, USA; Elmer G. Lindell Jr., USA; Byron Linden, USAF; Donald Linden, USA; Harry L. Linden, USA; Vernon L. Linden, USA; Albert Liston, USA; Tony F. Littletaylor, USA; Buford Long, USA.


Calvin Long, USN; George A. Lyrene, USA; Augustine Lysek, USM; Damien Madden, USA; Dennis Madden, USAF; Bohumil Malec, USA; Theodore Marik, USM; Theodore A. Marik, USAF; Harry H. Marker, USM; Albert E. Martin, USA; Curtis Martin, AAC; Robert P. Martin III, USCG; C. Curtis Mathis, USN; Melvin May, USA; Julian H. Maynard, USCG; Arnold S. Mazel, USA; Marvin E. McCallister, USA; William G. McCorvey, USA; Fred McDaniel, USA; Donald McDonald, USM; Richard L. McGill, USN; Rose McGinnis, WAC; William F. McGinnis, USA; Marvin McGinnis, USN; O’Neal A. McKinley, USA; Cheryl Y. McMann, USA; Bill McMurray III, USAF; Bill McMurray Jr., USAF; Benjamin J. McNeil, USN; Roy S. McNeil, USA; Roy S. McNeil III, USA; James L. Meek Jr., USN; Clifford Melton, USN; Daniel Melton, USN; Harry Melton, USAF; James Melton, USA; Rodney Melton, USAF; Willie Melton, USA; Charles D. Merriweather, USA; Erskine D. Merriweather, USM; Peter N. Midgarden, USN; William Mikkelsen, USAF; Frank Mildorf, USA; Fredrick Mildorf, USA; James D. Miller, USA; James L. Monarch, USM; Frank Moravec, USA; Richard Moravec, USN; Robert Morgan, USA; Morris Morgan, USM; James C. Morton, USMC; Roy Morton, USN; Tommy Morton, USCG; Tommy Moss, USA; Murray Mozingo, USCG; Danny Murphy, USA; Ronny Murray, USA; Antone Muzik Jr., USA; Tommy M. Muzik, USN; Ray Newsome, USM; Harry W. Nitteberg, USAF; Walter Nitteberg, USA; T. Ellis Nix, USA; Alan Norden, USN/USA; Harry V. Norden Jr., USA; Kathryn I. Norden, USA; Shannon D. Norden, USA; Stephen B. Norden, USA; Tammy T. Norden, USA; John J. Novak, USA; Louie Novak, USA; Rudolph Novak, USA; Milton Novotny, USA; John W. Oblak, USA; Juanita Odom, USN; Lewis E. Billie Offord, USCG; Edward E. Oliver, USA; Carl V. Olson, USMM; Harold Olson, USAF; Johnnie B. Olson, USA; Clarence E. Ostrand, USN; Kenneth O. Ousley, USMC; James E. Owen, USN; Ruth E. Owen, USN; Ray C. Owens Jr., USAF; Wayne Parnell, USN; Bill C. Passmore, USN; W. Edward Pate, USMC; William L. Pate, USMC; Donald Patterson, USA; Leonard L. Patton, USAF; William M. Patton, USA; Otto Peacher, USA; Arthur Pearson, USA; Arvid Pearson, USA; Carl O. Pearson Jr., USMC; Dorothy Kanne Pearson, USN; Howard O. Pearson, USA; Percy H. Pearson, USA; Alfred L. Peterson, USA; Harry C. Peterson, USA; L. Duke Phildius, USN; Ward Phillips, USM; Bob Pickle, USM; Ervin W. Poos Sr., USA; Clyde E. Potmesil, USN; James A. Potmesil, USM; Walter E. Powell, USAF; Rudolph Raber, USM; James Racine, USA; Albert Rada, USA; Frank Rada, USN; Frankie Rada, USA; Gus F. Rada, USAF; Helene C. Rada, WAC; James Rada Jr., USN; James Rada Sr., USN; Joseph L. Rada, USA; John D. Rada, USA; Stephen D. Rada, USMC.


Steve Radiola, USA; William Bill Rawls, USAF; Roger Reetz, USN; Rudolph J. Rezner Sr., USN; Jesse Rhodes, USA; John M. Rhodes, USA; Lewis Rice, USA; William L. Richardson, USAF; James P. Richmond, USN; Jim Richmond, USA; Joel T. Rider USMC; Ernie Buddy Riggins, USA; Dennis K. Robinson, USN; Nick Robinson, USA; Todd Robinson, USN; Tyler Robinson, USA; Ellis Rockwell, USA; Samuel Rollason, USA; Frank Rosenbusch, USA; Eugene A. Rundquist, USA; Allen Russell, USA; Ralph Russell, USA; Tim Russell, USA; Cody Rutherford, USN; Richard Rydin, USMC; James Salac Jr., USA; James A. Sanca Jr., USN; Richard L. Sanca, USCG; Robert A. Sanca, USN; Brian T. Schoolcraft, USA; Robert R. Schoolcraft, USAF; Paul Schultz, USA; Galvin Seale, USA; Fred Sedlack, USA; James Sedlack, USA, Kenneth Sedlack, USA; Robert Sedlack, USA; William Sedlack, USA; Steve Shackelford, USAF; Don Sharp, USN; Alver Shiver, USAF; Henry A. Shiver, USA; Mitchell W. Shiver, USAF; Ronald E. Shiver, USAF; Charles J. Shore Sr., USA; James Shore, USA; Frederick A. Silva Jr., USN; H. Robert Simmons, USA; Markham T. Simmons, USM; Kenneth R. Sirmon, USAF; Hanry Skipper, USM; Walter Sliwinski, USM; Charles Smith, USA; Grace E. Smith, USA; Harvey Smith, USA; James H. Smith, USN; Milford A. Smith, USM; Simeon B. Smith Jr., USAF; Simeon B. Smith Sr., USA; Wilson Smith, USA; Bernard J. Snasel, USA; James Snasel, USAF; Milton Snasel, USAF; Joseph J. Sopr, USN; Eddie Spratlin, USA; Wesley C. Stanford, USA; Samuel S. Stanley, USMC; Edward G. Steiner, USCG; Shelton Stephens Jr., USAF; Shelton Stephens Sr., USA; Joel Sterling, USMC; John Sterling, USN; Harry T. Stevens, USN; Vernon K. Straum, USA; Charles F. Sturma, USA; Edward G. Sturma, USA; John R. Sturma, USA; Charles Chick Swoboda, USAF; George Swoboda, USN; Joseph Swoboda, USM; Millie Swoboda, USM; Robert Sykora, USN; John E. Sylvester, USMC; Pamela M. Sylvester, USMC; A. Dale Taylor, USAF; Cameron Taylor, USMC; George A. Taylor, USN; Michael Taylor, USA; Wilkie Tedder, USA; Henry W. Thiebe, USAF; Danny J. Thomas, USM; Hubert N. Thomas, USMC; John Thomas, USM; Vernon L. Thompson, USA; Joe L. Thrasher, USM; Douglas Tisdell, USAF; James A. Touchstone, USAF; Chris Traughber, USA; Frank K Tribble Sr., USA; Leroy Troup, USA; Robert L. Troup Jr., USN; James M. Uptagrafft, USA; Frederick Utter, USA; G. Clifford Utter, USA; Paul E. Utter, USAF; Phillip A. Utter, USA; Ralph Utter, USAF; Wally Utter, USA; Otto Vanderford, USMM; William V. Vaughn, USA; James Volovecky Sr., USA; Frank Vorel, USA; W.C. Wainwright, USN; Raymond F. Walley, USA; Herbert G. Wallin, USA; James Walton, USA; John H. Walton, USA; Bill Ward, USA; Thomas Washburn, USA; James C. Waters, USA.


John P. Waters, USMC; Reed Watson, USN; Cecil Weaver, USMC; Phillip Weaver, USN; Edwin E. Welsh Sr., USN; Tony Wesley, USAF; Joseph Wesley, USA; Benjamin Jack West, USN; Jack P. West, USA; R. Jacob Weyler, USCG; Dewey Pete White, USA; Floyd C. White, USA; Leamuel A. White, USA; Jennifer White, USA; Ira M. Tom Wiggins, USN; Lawrence L. Wigley, USN; Ernest O. Wigstrom, USMC; Oliver A. Wigstrom, USA; Oliver O Wigstrom, USA; William Wigstrom Sr., USA; Aaron Wilson, USA; Alton C. Wilson, USN; Luard Wilson, USA; James T. Wilson, USA; Charles W. Wilson, USA; William A. Wilson, USM; Willard Wilson, USAF; Edward F. Winter, USN; Danny R. Wirth, USMC; Russell Wood, USA; Benny Woodall Jr., USAF; Benny Woodall Sr., USAF; Buster Woodall, USAF; Michael Woodall, USAF; Alton D. Woodruff, USA; Thomas A. Woodward, AAC; Benjamin K. Worcester, USA; George E. Wright, USM; Robert Wright, USA; Joseph A. Yancey, USA; David Yoas, USA; Tyler York, USA; Max R. Young, USMC; Albert E. Zadnichek, USN; Frank F. Zajicek, USN; Walter Zajicek, USA; Hugo Zander, USA.

The organization already has several names to be added to the structure and fundraising has begun to add more stones, along with other aesthetic additions to the memorial.

If you would like to donate to the project you can mail your contribution to the Silverhill Veterans Memorial Organization Inc., P.O. Box 94, Silverhill, AL 36576. You can also donate through the group’s Go Fund Me account online and through the Silverhill Veterans Memorial Organization page on Facebook.