Foley Softball All-Stars gear up for tournament


FOLEY- All-Star tournaments on the Gulf Coast are back. As the Foley Recreational Department wraps up the 2021 softball season, players and coaches are preparing for All-Stars.

“All of our girls, from 6u to 16u, worked and competed very hard this season. All of us at the Foley Recreational Department are very pleased with this season,” said Sam Havel, the Athletic Coordinator for Foley Recreation Department.

Coach Shirley Sullivan "Sully" gave a shoutout to her 8U players for the following awards:  Best all around: Elly Quarles; best team player: Jemma Osuna; most improved player: Layla Skipper; best enthusiasm: Arabella Powell; most improved player: Sophie Smite; best sportsmanship: BraeLynn Boleng.

The Foley Recreation Department’s All-Star teams will play Saturday, June 12 at the NEP Ball Park in Pensacola. For more information on the City of Foley Recreation Programs visit:

End of Season Winners

 8U Girls

Coach Matt Grundy

Team Name: Inferno

 Kinleigh Grundy, Adeline Hinojosa, Paisley Ann Howald, Emma McTigrit, Haley Nash, Sophia Ross, Ava Sanks, Paisley Spencer, Olivia Tate, Kennedy Walker, London Young

10U Girls

Coach Randi Starr

Team Name: 5 Starr Bombers

Brailynn Bishop, Kirsten Booth, Brooklyn Bowmar, Luci Busby, Nizhonii Crossland, Aryana Ferrell, Jessie Fields, Ja’mya Heard, Si’meria Heard, Mary Latta, Brookley Smith, Preslie Ann Starr, Kaitlyn Williamson, Madison Willis

12U Girls

Coach Paul Shoenight

Team Name: Panthers:

Makayla Carter, Bailey Creighton, Emily Crosby, Allie Dorman, Sophie Grace Maurin, Samantha Messina, Makayla Shoenight, Josie White, Zoey Zapata

2021 All-Star Rosters

8U Girls                                   

Head Coach Matt Grundy        

Ava Bronson, Farrah Green, Kinleigh Grundy, Adeline Hinojosa, Paisley Howald, Avah James, Jessie Perry, Arabella Powell, Lauren Powell, Elly Quarles, Ava Sanks, Sophie Simte, Laylah Skipper, Paisley Spencer

10U Girls

Head Coach Randi Starr

Kirsten Booth, Brooklyn Bowmar, Harleigh Brockett, Selena Garcia, Kylie McGhee, Dani Odom, Ainslee Parr, Brookley Smith, Preslie Ann Starr, Ashanti Williams, Kaitlyn Williamson, Madison Willis

12U Girls

Head Coach Paul Shoenight

Kynlee Beard, Mary Michael Blackman, Makayla Carter, Bailey Creighton, Emily Crosby, Brooke Hudson, Sophie Grace Maurin, Savannah Pankey, Shamayne Purdie, Makayla Shoenight, Sophia Warford, Zoey Zapata