Pair of columns is eye opening


The opinion page of the Jan. 15 Islander, Courier and Onlooker presents a stark contrast between the aptitude and attitudes of south Alabama’s two representatives in Washington.

U.S. Senator Doug Jones writes a fact-filled column describing legislation he initiated and passed into law, despite his minority party status in the Senate. Jones worked in bi-partisan fashion to improve conditions for Alabama farmers, hospitals, students, military widows and others. Jones demonstrates a pragmatic attitude that puts his constituents first and he gets things done.

By contrast, Rep. Bradley Byrne points to one piece of legislation he has introduced, a bill to reduce mandatory federal spending. It is a bill that has only one purpose – to polish his credentials with Republican constituents. It has exactly zero percent chance of passing into law. In his column, Byrne claims that the national debt and the federal budget deficit have soared due to entitlement programs such as Medicare, Social Security, food stamps, and the Affordable Care Act, programs that provide immediate and tangible benefit to ordinary Alabamians. Some of these are programs Byrne wants to cut. Byrne remains conveniently silent about the real reason the deficit has soared: the Trump tax cuts, which primarily benefited corporations and the super-rich. Byrne can’t really afford to discuss the disastrous effect on the deficit of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act because he campaigned and voted for it.

Thanks for providing this eye opening pair of columns to its readers.

Joel R. Brouwer

Gulf Shores