Shop locally this holiday season


It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas as a cold front sweeps across the region this week. Has it put you in the mood to begin checking off your holiday shopping list? If so, indulge yourself in the small town, holiday splendors of shopping in Baldwin County. Sure, it’s easy to jump online to Amazon and other retailers during lunch break or while you are waiting in the school carline. But you would miss the joy of reveling in the creative holiday décor that our merchants have poured their hearts into in order to turn our downtown areas into winter wonderlands. You would miss amazing handcrafted items and delicious locally produced desserts. You might even find the perfect gift for the toughest person on your list in a locally owned shop where every item is one of a kind. You would also miss the opportunity to support your neighbors, friends and community. When we buy local we support artists, we support the families in our schools and in our neighborhoods. Shopping locally supports business owners who live in Baldwin County. When we shop locally we keep our community in our community and stop big box stores from sweeping the charm and personal touch out of our neighborhoods in favor of cookie cutter outlets where every item can be found in a million other locations around the country. This holiday pick a day to wander into one of Baldwin County’s festooned downtowns. Talk to the merchants. Shop their wares. Enjoy living in a place where our community supports each other and raises each other up. Tis the season.