New Summer Anthem: Caroline Jones Teams Up with Big Country Names for “Gulf Coast Girl”


Country music’s rising star Caroline Jones is bringing the Gulf Coast a song that will hit close to home this summer.

Jimmy Buffet and Mac McAnally teamed up to write “Gulf Coast Girl” and Jones used her vocals to put her own spin on.

“Gulf Coast Girl” is a song that expresses how the seaside towns along the beaches of the Gulf Coast are more than getaways, they are home

The song features many other big names in country music including Kenny Chesney, and Lukas Nelson.

“The song is about the places that they grew up and have spent much of their lives. There are so many beautiful traditions and memories associated with all the places along the Gulf for them,” Jones said. “So, inhabiting those ideas, and lending my carefree, joyful spirit to the track, is a real treat.”

Jones’ endearing and lively voice brings you right in, and makes you feel at home here on the coast, even if you are not a native. Jones herself is not from the Gulf Coast area, but you will not know any different with the familiar way she sings about the local area.

This is not Jones’ first brush with the who’s who of country music. This is her third year touring with the Zac Brown Band who Jones says is another mentor and friend in the industry.

Jones says “Gulf Coast Girl” is the first of many new songs that will be released this summer and early fall.

“It’s the joy of my life to be performing on these big stages and connecting with new audiences” she said.

The next leg of the tour kicks off Aug. 9 in Denver, Colo. Find more information and tickets at