City of Foley declares local state of emergency


The City of Foley has declared a local state of emergency due to the growing concerns surrounding the spread of COVID-19. The decision was made during the Monday, March 16 council meeting. Prior to the council, town staff modified the Pandemic Continuity of Operations Plan put in place a decade ago during a previous pandemic. Mayor John Koniar was approved to implement the plan as necessary, giving him the authority to move forward on decisions that need to be made quickly, without waiting for council approval.

With this action, the city hopes to slow the spread of the virus by giving Koniar max capacity to act without hesitation during the emergency situation. This authority includes decisions regarding finances, personnel, services and logistical and technical assistance, and authority to ease regulatory requirements.

Moving forward, the council wants to look to answer questions on how to handle public meetings that cannot be postponed due to the running of the municipality.

In an effort to slow the virus spread, Foley has closed its public library, welcome center, senior center, railroad museum and model train exhibit, the Holmes Medical Museum, and the Foley Kids Park.

City updates are available at and on the City of Foley Municipal Government Facebook page.