Learning about Swedish tradition in Silverhill


SILVERHILL, Alabama — Participants at the Oscar Johnson Memorial Library’s annual Summer Reading Program were entertained and learned about a Swedish tradition Friday, Aug. 5 at the library in Silverhill.

Local educator Kathy Cazort told the story of “Per and the Dala Horse,” based on a children’s book by Rebecca Hickox about a boy and his magical wooden horse who saves a prized golden chalice from the evil trolls. The reading was followed by games and activities.

Participants were also served treats such as sno-cones and ice cream.

Like the Dala horse, the Oscar Johnson Memorial Library in Silverhill has deep Swedish roots. One of the oldest buildings in Silverhill, the library was the site of the original Svea Land Company, and is named for the town’s founder, who ran the company. It is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places.