Loxley Public Library to host book signing event


LOXLEY, Alabama — The Loxley Public Library will welcome Alabama authors Lawrence Gulley, Edric Prim, Ashton “A.K.” Wilson, and T. (Theresa) Jensen Lacey for a book signing event at the Loxley Public Library on Saturday, Sept. 21 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Gulley's life is as interesting as his books. Born so sickly that the doctor tried to convince his mother to simply let him die, he was saved by his determined grandmother.

His many careers include chief of police, moonshine runner, rolling store owner, undertaker, magazine writer and gas delivery man. Gulley’s work has protected people, entertained them, buried them, fed them and kept them warm in many ways throughout the years.

He lives in Excel with his family, and had his raising in the same outskirts of Monroeville that produced the likes of Harper Lee and Truman Capote, both of whom he knew personally.

Gulley’s books include “Cora Jean,” “Buffington,” “Peanut House,” “Red town,” “Brothers,” “Green Briar,” “Bayou Country,” “The Killing of Lois Hardee,” and his latest, “The Tangled Road Home.”

Prim was born and raised in Loxley. He attended Robertsdale High School where he played football and basketball. Prim left Loxley with only $350 in his pocket and his dream to play Division I football.

Two and a half years later, Prim signed a full scholarship to play football at Saginaw Valley State in Michigan. He lost his scholarship and had to start over. Prim transferred to the University of Dubuque in Iowa where he graduated with a B.A. in science.

Prim’s message is one of hope, inspiration and healing. He is a passionate speaker who speaks from his heart. Prim’s life is a warning and example for others. His near-death experience opened his eyes to see what truly matters the most. Life is truly a blessing from God, and we were not created to do whatever we want.

Prim’s second chance at life is what drives him to excel. Every man must search his own soul and ask: “Did I live? Did I love with everything in me? Did I make a difference?”

Prim’s inspiration comes from his mother. Seeing her work two jobs, they always had food in the refrigerator and nice clothes and shoes to wear. His payback to his mother is how he lives his life. She did not shortchange or hold back anything from him, so he is not going to shortchange her or those he is called to serve.

Prim’s writings include “Can I Have This Dance Part 1,” “The Constant Struggle That Made Me Who I Am,” “Trial and Error in Love,” “Check Your Pulse and See if Your Dream Is Still Beating,” and “Reserve the Seed.”

Wilson is a small-town girl who is the mother of three amazing boys. She has always had a deep love for reading and hopes to open up the world of literature to other children.

Wilson and her children reside locally where, as she notes, nature and imagination collide, creating a writer’s paradise. Wilson enjoys spending time with her boys, crocheting, sweet tea and good coffee. She is a Netflix addict.

Wilson’s books include “The Nihility, Book One of the Volition Series,” written for young adults and “Robbie The Reading Rat” and “The Mysterious Melvin” written for children.

Lacey has been teaching for 24 years, half of those years in Tennessee. She earned a B.A. in English through her studies at Shelton State Community College, The University of Alabama and, finally, The University of North Alabama. She earned her master’s degree in curriculum and Instruction at Austin Pay State University (Tennessee).

Lacey and her family moved back to Fairhope in 2005, and she has been at Robertsdale High School since then. She currently teaches creative writing, film and literature, and English 10.

Besides teaching, she has been a freelance journalist; as such, she has published more than 800 articles in newspapers and magazines including Vanderbilt and Southern Living.

She is also an author of 18 published books and novels. Her book “Amazing Alabama” has a foreword written by Governor Kay Ivey and has been nominated by the Alabama Bicentennial Commission for an award. When she’s not teaching, Lacey enjoys giving writers’ workshops and speaking to writing groups.

Come “check out” this book signing event and support our Alabama authors. The event will be held on Saturday, Sept. 21 from 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at the Loxley Public Library, 1001 E. Loxley Ave. (across from the new Piggy Wiggly). Look for the yellow doors. For more information call the library at 251-964-5695.