No dogs in restaurants


First off I want to thank you for the article you wrote about dogs in restaurants. I am not by any means a pet hater but feel like when I go into a place to eat I do not like to see dogs everywhere.  

We live in Orange Beach and it has gotten to where there are not many places to go and eat and enjoy the atmosphere without being on the lookout for dogs scratching and sending germs flying. (I am not a germ a phobe either) just prefer clean food. We have walked out of several places when we ask the manager why is a dog in here and told it is a “service dog”. I did not notice that the patron was blind or disabled, course the dog could have been as it was in a stroller! Please.

Again thank you for the article. I don’t have a problem with dogs at Pirates Cove or Flora Bama Yacht Club just not where most people are eating.